K.Rool, as he appears in Donkey Kong Country

Full Name

King K.Rool

Also known as

Kaptain K.Rool, Baron K. Roolenstien




Kremling Krew

First Appearance

Donkey Kong Country

Latest Appearance

Mario Super Sluggers

K. Rool is a fiction character and the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong series of Nintendo games. He is the king of the vile Kremilings and the master of the Kremling Krew. He is the archenemy of the Kong Family and their allies. He has tried to steal DK's Golden Bananas multiple times. He has also kidnapped the members of the Kong family various times. K. Rool is the second most recurring villian in the Mario continuity, the first being Bowser.


Donkey Kong Country seriesEdit

Donkey Kong CountryEdit

K. Rool made his very first appearance in DKC, as the games main antagonist and final boss. K. Rool and his minions come to Donkey Kong Island with intention to steal DK's Banana Horde. He sends his minions one night to DK's treehouse to steal the banana's. However DK nephew and apprentice, Diddy Kong, is there protecting them. The Kremlings are able to defeat him, seal him inside a barrel, and steal the banana horde.

The next morning DK finds his horde missing. So he releases Diddy and the two of them set out on a adventure to reclaim them, beating up the Kremlings in the process. They are able to defeat K. Rools lieutenants and get their banana's back. They make it to K. Rool's ship Gangplank Galleon and defeat the Kremling and DK gets all his horde back.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's QuestEdit

In DKC 2 K.Rool (under alias Kaptain K.Rool) manages to kidnap Donkey Kong and take back home to Crocodile Isle where he hold him for a ransom to get DK's Golden banana's, threating that DK will never be seen again unless he gets them. Diddy refuses to give K.Rool what he wants, and with the help of his girlfriend Dixie Kong, sets of to rescue DK. In the end Diddy and Dixie are able to defeat K.Rool, save DK, and sink Crocodile Isle, as K.Rool escapes via ship.
Kap'n K.rool

Kaptain K.Rool

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